Google´s Project Management

I came across an interesting internal study made by Google in 2008, the study was set out to prove that Project Managers do not matter. The results concluded that Project Managers are necessary, but only if they are good Project Managers. But what makes a good Project manager according to Google, and do I meet the requirements?

Here are the eight requirements for a successful Project Manager (and my own rating of myself on a scale 1-5):

  1. Be a good coach, 2
  2. Empower the team and do not micromanage, 3
  3. Express interest/concern for the team’s members success and wellbeing, 4
  4. Be Productive and result oriented, 4
  5. Be a good communicator, 3
  6. Help with career development, 1
  7. Have a vision, 4
  8. Use your technical skills to advise, 3

Wow,, that hurt. I can be too honest with myself. The positive thing is that I have many things to work on improving. During the next two weeks I am going to explore these topics more, and write about how to improve them.




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